Shenzhen Sailer Lab Automation Equipment Co., Ltd., established in 2006, with our own brand named Sailer Medical;is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shentou Investment Co. Ltd. and an authorized distributor of medical equipment licensed by the Chinese government, and carries full lines of medical supplies of protective clothing, face masks and many other items.

We hold both Class II Medical Device Distribution Enterprise License (20150274) and Class III Medical Device Distributing Enterprise License (326291) issued by China’s State Food and Drug Administration (SFDA).

Class II medical devices include those that must be controlled for their safety and efficacy, such as masks, protective clothing, weak laser in-vitro treatment instruments, blood assay devices and apparatus. Class III medical devices are those implanted into the human body, or used for life support or sustenance, and pose potential risk to human life, such as implanted artificial internal organs and infant care devices.

Salier Medical supports the global healthcare communities with premium quality products that comply with international standards.

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Medical Device Distribution

Enterprise Licenses 20150274 (Type II)

Medical Device Distribution

Enterprise Licenses 326291 (Type III)